This article is written by Germaine Greer who is a feminist, an Australian woman. She said, ” Michael Jackson is destroyed by his fans”  like Orpheus, who is a poet in Greek mythology, and she compares Michael Jackson with Nijinsky and Nureyev who both were ballet dancer in 19 century.

Ever since Dionysos danced ahead of his horde of bloody-footed maenads across the rocky highlands of prehistoric Greece, dance and song have been the province of boys. Like Orpheus, Jackson was destroyed by his fans, whose adulation and adoration prevented his living in any kind of normal society. The creativity ebbed away day by day. He became a parody of himself. It is time now to forget all that and salute the miraculous boy who will triumph over death as Dionysos did, becoming immortal through his art.

Nijinsky and Nureyev also died young. They, too, were transcendent dancing boys, but they chose to interpret the choreography supplied to them by others. By contrast Michael Jackson’s art was astonishingly innovative. No one could dance like him, until he showed them how, and then they were never as good as he was. His concept of the dance was utterly 20th century, extravagantly multi-dimensional, and not in the least middle class. Nijinsky may have been the greatest Spectre de la Rose, Nureyev the greatest Corsair, but these two candles pale in the light of Jackson’s blazing star. The surprise is not that we have lost him, but that we ever had him at all.


 Germaine Greer is an intelligent woman, she has an especially viewpoint to Michael Jackson, it is one of the most favorite articles about Michael Jackson, which I have ever read articles. I am not one of his enthusiastic fans but I really recognize and respect his achievement of music and dance. I did not think so the daeth of Michael Jackson such as Germaine’s idea, so I was impressed by her remark in this article. And it is difficult to understand without knowledge about Greek mythology and history of ballet and choreographer. When I read this article at first time, I could not get a point, but I read this article many times, I found it is very well article by Germaine Greer. It also includes logical sentences which are comparison between Michael Jackson, Orpheus, Nijinsky and Nureyev. This article perhaps is the easiest to understand who is Michael Jackson although everybody know him.


This is very serious issue. We Japanese hard to understand about it

but it is true or common among young teenager girls in Zimbabwe.

 I was really shocked by this document.

We cannot help them and cannot do anything to them directly

although we can do little, we do not have to indifference about this circumstance 

not  only in Zimbabwe but also all in over the Africa.

This big killing to Rwanda citizen is really horriable, I thought.

I heve never heard this tragedy unitil I watched “Hotel Rwanda”.

I was very moved and disappinted by this film.

In addition, The stories of the film are composed along fact at Rwanda in 1994.

This film has possibility to appeal the situation of Rwanda and current circumstance in Africa region to all over the world.

Thus, this film has potential not only to make people rethink folk discrimination, but also to make people moved about family love.

I really reccomend you watch this film!

Recentry, African refugee situations are getting more worth yaer and year , The Unhited Nations  Agency announced.A highly number of refugee deaths in a short period of time ” is not unusual at all ” ,  Andreas Koutepas, MSF’s field coordinator in southern Yemen said.

                                                  More than 38,000 people have made the perilous journey across the Gulf of Aden from Somalia to Yemen during the first 10 months of this year, a “considerable increase from the 29,500 who made the same journey during the whole of last year,” UNHCR said Tuesday.Yemen is a common destination for Somalis fleeing economic hardship and war because of its proximity. It is also an attractive location because Somalis receive automatic refugee status in the fellow Muslim country.


When after read this article , I have never heared such their poverty and conflict to their forcing hardship so I was really unhappy. Althogh, it would take a long time to resolve this situation, but this contribution  is necesary to build peace society, we young people need to know such this situation and to be conscious of world ‘s problems: African refugee, Religion war, Nuclear issue, and so on, I thought that.

Have you ever been to Ryugadou ?

I went to there last sunday with my friend by new my bicycle. 

Surprisingly, it was first time to go there and to see big cave, as a man of kochi prefecture. 

Ryugadou is big cave and really mysterious place.

The cave distance is over 1 kilometers. So really long !! 

I became to tired at then.

Visitors would be fascinated by mystic atmosphere in the cave. ( I was done that )

In addition, there is a museum near the cave. It is free and never close.

If you have interest about cave, archaeology, geography,anthropology, and so on,

I am sure of it is useful and helpful for you to better understanding about your study.     


If you know any nice places in kochi, Plaese teach me next time.

Some technical problems plagued the band’s homecoming gig at Heaton Park  on Thursday night, their show being disrupted for harf an hour.

Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher has promiced 70,000 fans their money refund.

Practically, enthusiastic fans of Oasis not only forgave on this matter but also they admired their live performance and enjoyed sharing the time. 

This gentle their react is also one of the reason why they are popular band all over the world.   

 So that is why, Oasis is one of my favorite rock music band.

This is a new historical discovery of ancient Egypt.

I am little bit interested in archaeology in particularly about ancient egypt.

This new discovery shows Egypt’s grandeur and might.

According to this aricle, this temple is really really beautiful, visitors would understand this temple is a nice example of Egyptian culture.

It has really deep background at Egypt temple.

So it is interesting !